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“Together with you and our network partners, we form a business relationship that’s the best! At Fidelity Appraisals, we believe that only the best is the standard of care that our clients deserve.”

Fidelity is your best source for quality licensed appraisals and service.

Here's why:

  • One Stop Shop - Whether you need a single appraisal or a whole portfolio of diverse assets appraised, we bring it all together for you.
  • Quality Review - All appraisals are quality reviewed.
  • AIR and USPAP Compliance - Real Estate appraisals for financing now require AIR compliance as well as USPAP compliance. With Fidelity compliance is assured.    

            APPRAISALS:   Real Estate  |  Vehicles  |  Watercraft  |  Aircraft

Fidelity is your best choice for Texas licensed state certified appraisers, appraisals and fair market value reports statewide. It’s Fidelity for all your appraisals including all commercial appraisals and real estate appraisals including commercial real estate appraisals, boat appraisals, vehicle appraisals, real estate appraisals, aircraft appraisals, RV appraisals, motorcycle appraisals.

Property appraisers requiring licensing include all residential real estate appraisers and all commercial real estate appraisers. All Fidelity real estate appraisers hold a real estate appraisal license in their state and many hold multi-state licenses.

In most states appraisers other than real estate including commercial appraisers, boat appraisers, car appraisers, auto appraisers, automobile appraisers, vehicle appraisers, aircraft appraisers, marine surveyors, RV appraisers, truck appraisers and motorcycle appraisers are not required to be licensed. However, all other than real estate Fidelity appraisers are trained and experienced and all hold various other certifications and designations.